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We know that with sports clubs up and down the country, fans and their communities come FIRST. But we also know that many teams and stadia across the country are under pressure to maintain profitability and secure their long term future - as well as to develop robust strategies to meet their net zero ambitions.

None of this is easy - but one part of the solution that doesn't have to be difficult is the provision of electric vehicle charging.

Why should you be thinking about this now?

  • Regardless of team colour, we want to help you encourage your fans and visitors to think green and convert to electric.
  • There are not enough chargers to meet demand today, and this is only set to get worse as government legislation comes in in 2030 that bans the sale of petrol and diesel cars. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve!
  • EV charging - especially when designed beautifully and sustainably - will add interest to the local area AND drive footfall to your site. It's a win-win!

So whether you are new to the EV charging 'game', or have an existing EV charging solution that isn't fit for purpose, you should talk to us:

  1. Our solutions are fully funded, meaning zero cost to you and no dent into your limited funds for customer facilities. This includes initial advice, build, installation, and ongoing maintenance.
  2. We put the right kit in the right places - thus providing you with a truly future-proof solution.
  3. We add value to the local community, letting people make sustainable choices through the use of state-of-the-art charge points.
  4. We 'rent' the parking bays from you, which provides you with more non-match day revenue.
  5. By creating local charging hubs, you enhance your relationship with the community - and create an asset to be proud of

Additional benefits

Attractive revenue models:

  • An EV charging hub is a massive draw, and a true community destination.
  • There's a real upside to getting ahead of the game when it comes to electrification. With limited power capacity in each area, there is a significant "first mover advantage.' The sooner you kick-off with EV charging, the earlier you claim the power, the PR benefits, and the environmental credentials ahead of your competition. It will put your site firmly on the EV map.

Bespoke EV charging solutions:

  • Forget the one-size-fits-all approach, we adapt our gameplan to suit you.
  • Whether you're looking for a something small and functional or big and beautiful, we've got the knowledge, the know-how and the vision to help you decide.
  • As well as fast and rapid chargers, we're now offering next-generation ultra-rapid chargers, to get your sports team and stadia on the front foot. These are the injection of speed that will be key to delivering the public charging infrastructure needed to enable a mass transition to electric vehicles.
  • Rapid chargers mean less charging time by vehicle - crucial when you're short on space and ideal for attracting visitors to your site(s).

Focused On Local Communities

  • When it comes to sports and local sports teams, we know that the community is at the centre of everything they do. This is why we're building infrastructure that your communities can use and can be proud of.
  • Part of maintaining the trust with your community is by being reliable providers. Our chargers have a 99% "uptime", are well-maintained and are supported by excellent levels of customer support.

Looking to tackle some EV charging infrastructure, need advice or a second opinion? Get in touch with our experienced team for free strategy support.

Don't just take it from us...

Director of Rochdale AFC, Tony Pockney said:

'We know that business needs change over time and recognise that the solution for today might not be the solution for tomorrow. That's why we're always planning ahead and finding flexible EV Charging solutions that will grow with your premises while you focus on welcoming your guests.'


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