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We get it; times are tough for hospitality, and attracting customers and retaining staff can be an uphill struggle, but we can help add value by delivering a fully-funded EV charging solution that will work beautifully on your site.

There's no risk or upfront cost and our free EV charging solutions includes:

  1. initial advice and assessment,
  2. build,
  3. installation and
  4. ongoing maintenance.

Depending on your needs, we can deliver fully-funded charging solutions or even consider revenue share options.

We know that business needs change over time and recognise that the solution for today might not be the solution for tomorrow. That's why we're always planning ahead and finding flexible EV Charging solutions that will grow with your premises while you focus on welcoming your guests.

If you're worried about how a charging hub will affect the look and feel of your historic property or whether your listed status will stand in the way of a suitable charging solution, we're already working with clients in the hospitality sector and know just how important it is to create designs that respect the aesthetics and heritage of your site.

We'll find a solution that's every bit as unique as your property, and that will enhance your offering rather than compromise its splendour.

Bespoke EV charging solutions

Getting it right means accommodating users with a variety of charging requirements, and our bespoke solutions always include a clever mix of chargers specifically tailored to your business needs.

While day guests or locals on their way to work might require an Ultra-fast charger for a quick top-up, overnight guests may need a Fast charger to work its magic while they sleep.

A fully charged community

If you're adding EV charging to your site, think big and consider how it will benefit the whole community and not just staff and guests.

At Be.EV, we're passionate about engaging with local communities and championing equal access for all users. As well as drawing local people from the wider community, competitively priced charging points will also attract passing traffic, tourists and EV users and really put your property on the map.

Discover how we're helping Grade II listed property Abbey House Hotel & Gardens put customers first by offering EV charging in its iconic grounds.

Case study

You can find out more about our experience in the hospitality sector in our case study: A historic journey towards electrification: Abbey House Hotel & Gardens.


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