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Garden centres hold a special place in the heart of many UK consumer - supporting our nation to create our own green spaces that we are proud of. They are a place that people come to for inspiration, sanctuary and fulfilment.

An increasing number of your customers are making the step to sustainability by buying EV vehicles. You have a key part in helping this societal change happen. As a garden centre you can build an EV charging solution with Be.EV that will:

  • Increase your support to drive sustainable change
  • Increase the visitors to your site(s) by increasing the frequency of visit of loyal customers, whilst inspiring the inquisitiveness of your new customers.
  • Enhance your place in the local community as place you can all be proud of.

Be.EV is a community-first, national, electric vehicle charging business that is employee owned and backed by Octopus Energy Generation. Our vision is to create a fair, future-proof infrastructure legacy that connects, engages and elevates communities.

We care about getting EV charging right.

We are your expert partner on your journey to electrification. Focused on garden centres only Be.EV creates bespoke, design-led and fully funded-EV charging solutions that add value to your business and delight your customers. We work in partnership with you and the wider region to create charging networks that work for them and the wider community.

Creating Value For You And Your Customers

We provide seamless charging experiences in customer friendly environments that are uniquely simple, effortless and reliable to use, that are fully accessible for your customers.

Be.EV provides a new, exciting and sustainable revenue generating opportunity for your sites. We also provide data and insight to help you understand the usage patterns of your users, which in turn allows us to jointly plan for increased capacity as user demand grows.

Fully Funded, One-stop-shop

We provide a fully- funded solution (including investment in power upgrades).

We only use quality, future-proof kit and technology that will stand the test of time. We are committed to building a high-quality network to the highest standards with chargers that work and that are well maintained.

Be.EV will fully manage the chargers including all back-office requirements. We build assets that are fit for purpose, and unlike other providers, we don't just 'drop and go'.

Working with Be.EV is all about removing stress and mitigating for any complexity.

We offer free assessment, planning, kit installation, power upgrades and ongoing maintenance - in short, a fully-funded solution that will stand the test of time. 
So, whether you're looking for a long-term strategic partner, are after a second opinion or simply don't know where to start, we're here to help.


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