EV Charging Stations in and around Manchester

Choose from hundreds of charge points across Greater Manchester.

Looking to charge up your EV in or around Manchester?

With the largest network of fast, rapid, and ultra-rapid electric vehicle charge points throughout Greater Manchester – we guarantee a simple, reliable and hassle-free charging experience from the city centre to the surrounding boroughs. 

Whether it’s a quick pit stop whilst popping into White City Retail Park or a recharged battery after a long day’s work - we’ve given drivers access to fast, rapid and ultra-rapid EV charging solutions where they need them most across the whole of Greater Manchester. 

And, as we keep expanding our network, we're putting communities and drivers at the heart of our plans; listening to our drivers and improving their experience one charge at a time. 

Don’t forget, the most cost-effective way to charge up is with the Be.EV app or RFID card. Download below to access fast charging starting at just 45p/kWh, rapid charging from as low as 55p/kWh, and ultra-rapid charging from only 65p/kWh.

Download the Be.EV app for cheaper charging

The cheapest and easiest way to charge is with your Be.EV app or RFID card. Plus, you'll unlock cheaper Off-Peak pricing at over 250 charging bays nationwide. Download to get charging straight away, and we'll pop your Be.EV RFID card in the post.

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Manchester CHARGING FAQs

Whether you're on the hunt for a fresh charging spot, looking for a cheaper way to charge, or simply in need of a helping hand to kickstart your charging journey - we've got you covered below!

  • The easiest way to discover our EV charging locations across Greater Manchester is through our app.

    Here, you can find all of our charge points including their location, price, charging speed and exclusive promotions.

    Join as a Be.EV Member by downloading our app for free and enjoy our best rates - fast charging from 45p/kWh, rapid charging from 55p/kWh, and ultra-rapid charging from 65p/kWh.

    Alternatively you can use our location map or connect with some of the popular roaming network partners such as Electroverse, Zap Map, Allstar, Plugsurfing, Paua, with many more on the way.

  • Our chargers are compatible with all Electric Vehicles. If you're unsure about the right charger for your vehicle, visit our charging guide page for assistance.

  • Yes, you can use contactless to start a charge on our rapid and ultra-rapid charge points. See below for full list of payment options across our different EV charging solutions:

    Ultra-rapid and rapid chargers:

    • Be.EV app
    • Be.EV Member RFID card
    • Contactless
    • Supported roaming partners: Octopus Electroverse, Allstar Chargepass and Plugsurfing

    Fast chargers:

    • Be.EV app
    • Be.EV Member RFID card
    • WebPay
    • Supported roaming partners: Octopus Electroverse, Allstar Chargepass and Plugsurfing

    To find out more about pricing and payment, click here. 

  • We have a series of EV charging solutions across many of our locations including:

    • Kempower Satellites: Ultra-rapid (up to 150kW or 300kW)
    • Raption 150: Ultra-rapid (up to 150kW)
    • Raption 50: Rapid (up to 50kW)
    • Enelion: Fast (up to 22kW)

    To find out more about our chargers, click here. 

  • Our goal is to provide round-the-clock accessibility at all our charging points, though there are situations where external factors may influence this availability.

    If uncertain, you can refer to the opening hours displayed on our app or Google for each specific location. 

    Check your next location here. 


  • Charging time depends on your vehicle type, state of charge, battery temperature and charger speed. Charging also slows down as the battery becomes more full.

    But, as a rough guide:

    • Fast chargers take several hours to reach 100%
    • Rapid chargers take around an hour to reach 80%
    • Ultra-rapid chargers take around 20-30 minutes to reach 80%

    (These estimates all assume a low state of charge on arrival and optimal battery temperature for a modern EV.)