What changes are happening?

Greater Manchester’s electric vehicle (GMEV) charging network is changing. We are replacing the GMEV network with our new Be.EV charge points. We are expecting to finish this work by the end of August. Once complete, the Be.EV network will consist of 118 fast and 2 rapid charging devices. These can be viewed on our map here.

Be.EV Membership and Mobile App

Our mobile app and membership are now live! The app is available on both App Store and Google Play. You can sign up to our membership scheme here. Registration is free of charge and will ensure you will have access to future Be.EV membership benefits and offers. The sign-up process should only take a couple of minutes and our app is accessible on the chargers immediately. An RFID card will be sent to the address in your account upon registration. 

Please register with us to receive our RFID card and be able to use our app to access our chargers. 

Do I need to pay for charging now?

No - the chargers will continue to be free to use until TfGM introduce a 'pay-as-you-use' tariff. This is expected to happen later this year.

Why would I register with Be.EV?

If you register with us, you will be able to use our app or RFID card for charging on our network and access the benefits of the Be.EV network - including interoperability with other chargepoint operators. It is very easy to do and it is completely free. 

I do not want to register. How will I be able to access the network now?

You don't need to be a member to use our network. You can access any Be.EV charging device via Webpay by visiting be-ev.co.uk/payment from any mobile device. Simply follow the instructions printed on our charging devices. Once TfGM introduce a tariff, you will also be able to access our rapid chargers via contactless debit/credit cards.

Additionally, we are extending the period you can access our network with any RFID-enabled card (i.e. your old GMEV 'Charge Your Car' RFID card, any other charge point operators' RFID card or even contactless bank cards). We are still keeping this option open to give you, and all other drivers who use our network, enough time to register with us should you wish to. 

Where will the new rapid charging devices be located?

We are still working with TfGM on this and will provide you with updates as soon as we can. There will be a minimum of one rapid charging device in each Greater Manchester local authority area. We’ll give details of the locations once they’ve been confirmed.

Why is TfGM introducing pay-as-you-charge?

GMEV members have benefited from free electric charging for more than six years. This was originally intended as an introductory offer to encourage drivers to switch to an electric vehicle. Last year it cost the public purse more than £200,000 to subsidise the scheme and this figure will increase in future years given the growth in sales of EVs and expected growth of Greater Manchester’s EV charging network. As such, continuing with a free-to-use model is unsustainable.

Introducing pay-as-you-charge will help us make sure that the network is sustainable and provides reliable and efficient charging.

What will the pay-as-you-charge money be used for?

Funds raised by pay-as-you-charge fees for drivers using a charging point would cover the ongoing operation and maintenance costs of the network. They aren’t designed to generate a profit, and any surplus funds would be reinvested into the network to offer you a high-quality charging service that is reliable and efficient.