Be.EV in the Octopus Electroverse!

We’re now part of the Electroverse. Making the EV charging experience even easier for all Be.EV users!

Be.EV is now part of the Octopus Electroverse!

Octopus Electroverse gives EV drivers one-tap access to 430,000 public chargers across the UK and Europe - and this now includes all Be.EV chargers!

This exciting new partnership coincides with our national rollout of Be.EV chargers - making EV charging across the UK and beyond easier and more accessible to all. There are still exclusive benefits for Be.EV members, so you can continue to use your Be.EV membership (RFID) card or app for preferential rates when charging with Be.EV*.

Be.EV CEO, Asif, said:

"This is a fantastic partnership as it provides simplicity and visibility for all current and future EV drivers. Things that join up and smooth out the customer experience can only be beneficial for everyone."

Find out more about the Octopus Electroverse.

Here is some handy information about the Octopus Electroverse and what it means for Be.EV members.

What is the Octopus Electroverse?

Charging your electric car used to mean a plethora of different cards and apps, with usage spread across different emails, texts and bills. Not anymore. Octopus Electroverse allows EV drivers to find and pay for charge sessions via a single Electroverse app and card, at thousands of chargers nationwide. All with zero added costs or on-going fees.

The Octopus Electrocard, which is posted free to you on signing up to the Electroverse, gives users the power to charge with one simple tap, across the UK and beyond.

Can I be a Be.EV member and join the Octopus Electroverse?

Current Be.EV members will recognise it works in a very similar way to our Be.EV membership. You can hold the two memberships alongside each other. Remember, you'll only get the preferential member tariff at Be.EV chargers using your Be.EV membership card, or the Be.EV app to pay.

What's the benefit of joining the Octopus Electroverse?

The main benefit for Be.EV members joining the Octopus Electroverse is that it gives a single point of payment, allowing you to charge and pay at all member EV charging operators across the UK and EU.

There are still huge benefits in being a Be.EV member. Our 25,000 members get an exclusive Be.EV charging rate at all Be.EV chargers, plus access to Be.EV member events, surveys and competitions.

*Please note, discounted Be.EV member rates will not be available at Be.EV chargers to those using Octopus Electroverse as a method of payment. This also relates to the use of other payment methods including contactless.

Download the Be.EV app for cheaper charging

The cheapest and easiest way to charge is with your Be.EV app or RFID card. Plus, you'll unlock cheaper Off-Peak pricing at over 250 charging bays nationwide. Download to get charging straight away, and we'll pop your Be.EV RFID card in the post.

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