Our Tariffs

We operate an open access network which means anyone can use our chargers. But, if you're not a Be.EV member, you're missing a trick. Keep reading to find out more about membership benefits.

When it comes to tariffs, we're all about transparency. That's why you'll always find our rates listed here.

Current tariff


  • £0.82/kWh Pay As You Go (PAYG)*
  • £0.77/kWh Be.EV member rate using Be.EV membership card or App


  • £0.72/kWh PAYG*
  • £0.67/kWh Be.EV member rate using your Be.EV membership card or App

* PAYG rate applies when paying by contactless or webpay.

Be.EV taxi drivers

£0.72 taxi membership rate (available at dedicated taxi-only rapid charge points)

All rates are inclusive of VAT at 20% following the HMRC ruling in May 2021.

Keep charging

Make sure your payment details are up to date so that you can continue to charge with us.

What you need to do

  1. Log in to your Be.EV account and check your payment details.
  2. If it's blank, add your details.
  3. If your details are still correct, you're good to go!
  4. If your details have changed since registering, email support@be-ev.co.uk from your original email address with the subject 'Update Payment Details'.
  5. Your existing details will be deleted, and you'll receive email confirmation within 48 hours.
  6. Log in again and add your new payment details.

Member benefits

You don't have to be a member to use our network, but it does come with discounted charging rates and a stack of other rewards. It's free and easy to join, and it's the simplest way to access our charging network.

It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and you can use the app immediately on any of our charge points. You'll find the Be.EV app on both the App Store and Google Play.

Once you've registered, we'll pop an RFID card in the post for you, but don't worry if it takes a few days to arrive, you'll can still use the app while you wait.

Sign up here!

Green energy

Just in case you're wondering where our energy comes from, we're passionate about the planet and only use clean, green energy from local sources such as wind and solar farms. Our supplier, Octopus Energy, has won countless awards and is one of Europe's largest investors in renewable energy. Octopus doesn't just supply energy; it generates tonnes of it every year. That's why we work with them.


At Be.EV, we like to keep billing simple and consistent. You'll be billed by direct debit at the start of each month for the previous month's usage.

You can also see all your invoices in one central location and download them - handy if you're claiming business expenses or VAT.


Make charging easier, cheaper and less of a chore with Be.EV membership. Registration is free and easy, and you’ll enjoy discounted rates across our entire network. Join today and reap the rewards straight away.

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