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with EV charging solutions from Be.EV

The EV Opportunity: key trends in the market 

When it comes to EVs, the pace of change will never be this slow again! As everyone knows the road to net zero by 2050 will require a seismic ramp up of EV production and infrastructure scale. To date, the UK EV trends are all heading upwards: 

  • 1m EVs in the UK today and a forecast of 3m by 2026, and 8m by 2030. 
  • The 2035 ICE petrol car ban will see the dial shift significantly 
  • 46% of drivers say they are considering an electric car (Autotrader 2024) 
  • 2nd hand market is buoyant: price reductions have led to a greater mix of affordable used EV stock – a quarter is now under £20k 
  • Total EV charge points installations up 12% from July to October 2023 

Revolutionising retail and real estate with Be.EV

We recognise the dynamic nature of retail and real estate environments and the reality that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. A tailored approach is crucial - considering the unique aspects of each location, site layout, and shopper profile.

Be.EV consistently monitors and interprets evolving market nuances, in no small part informed by our data-driven approach and deep consumer insights. This, in turn, shapes the development of future-proof solutions for retail sites, driving customer traffic and additional revenue into stores. Our efforts benefit customers, land stakeholders, and site tenants alike.

What's in it for you

When it comes to getting your site up and running, we'll lead the way.

  • EV Charging Infrastructure brings in welcome additional income, either with competitive annual rental of bays, or with a profit share agreement, which means the revenue is increasing all the time.

  • We can bring additional footfall to your site - there are now nearly one million electric vehicles on the road - 3% of all cars in the UK - a number rising every year. Surveys and studies show drivers actively choose retail destinations with good EV charging infrastructure. On a 400 space car park - 3% of those cars are EVs - that might only be 12 now - but that number is set to be 10% in the next few years and 25% by 2030.  

  • There is only so much power to go round, so fast movers will overtake their laggard competitors and futureproof their sites for generations to come. 

    As physical stores transition to omni-channel retailing, CPOs must back this change with omni-convenience: the right tech and equipment. Our Kempower ultra-rapid chargers align with modern shopper habits - quick charging for efficient shopping. Charge-and-shop in 30 mins or less, or a quick charge then move to general parking for longer stays.

  • We support your ESG and green credentials, helping you become a more sustainable business, and supporting the overall move to net zero.

  • We have an experienced property team, each with 20 years + experience.

    Our experts are on hand throughout the whole process, from planning and preparation and selection of the best hardware to installation and ongoing maintenance, so you don't need to worry about a thing.

We're here to help

We’ve got the right solution for your site and will help you every step of the way. Let’s start the journey together with a free consultation from Be.EV.