12 December 2022

No regrets: survey reveals EV drivers happy with switch

Survey paints positive picture of electric vehicle experience, 40% of drivers have no conventional car as back-up

Almost 90% of EV drivers in the North West of England say they don't regret switching to an electric car -- despite fears that rising energy prices could slow down the transition.

Eighty-six per cent of members surveyed by Be.EV said they were either pleased or very pleased to have made the switch, citing the driving experience (36%), cost savings (31%) and doing their bit for the environment (30%) as key reasons. And more than a third (39%) rely solely on an electric car, with no second car for back-up.

Be.EV surveyed a sample of its 16,000 members as part of its ongoing work to understand their needs and preferences as it continues to expand its network, which will reach over 1,000 chargers by 2024.

Asif Ghafoor, CEO of Be.EV, said:

"This survey paints a very encouraging picture; it shows that EVs are really working for drivers in the North West. What's particularly positive is that this is not coming from EV evangelists or die-hards. For the vast majority of our members, their current EV is their first, and nearly 80% told us they bought it within the last two years."

This confidence is despite the relative lack of public EV charging infrastructure in the region. Recent Department for Transport statistics show that the North West has the lowest level of public charge points per 100,000 population of any English region (32 per 100,0000 people) -- far behind the South East (49), West Midlands (42) and London (122).

Asif continues:

"We're keenly aware that it's down to us and our partners in local authorities and business to address the current imbalance in public EV charging infrastructure. While our survey revealed that just under three quarters of our current members can charge at home and are therefore less reliant on public charging infrastructure, for many people -- for example those living in flats -- home charging is not an option. We want absolutely everybody to be able to switch to electric driving with the confidence that they can charge their car quickly and easily."

Be.EV's biggest local authority roll-out to date -- with Trafford Council in Greater Manchester - saw the first 19 of up to 100 charging bays go live this autumn. The team also works with private businesses, NHS trusts, universities and other landowners to deliver EV charging on their land.

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