20 February 2023

Three Points in Win for Rochdale: Fans to power up on match days with new EV charging hub

Electric vehicle charging network Be.EV unveils three new rapid electric car chargers at The Dale's Crown Oil Arena.

Switched on and now available for public use, the installation sees Rochdale join the largest public EV charging network that is connecting communities across the North of England. It is set to attract usage from both the local community and visitors to the arena, which has a capacity of over 10,000.

The Crown Oil Arena is home to Rochdale AFC, whose club mascot Desmond the Dragon was one of the first to visit the site along with club director Tony Pockney and Be.EV's CEO Asif Ghafoor.

Tony Pockney recommended Crown Oil Arena's car park bays to Be.EV in October 2021 in an open call for new charging sites across the country. The arena was confirmed for development and construction began in January 2023.

The grounds received free installation and ongoing maintenance of the three chargers from Be.EV, as well as charging credit for the club's use.

The chargers are fully accessible to both visitors to the arena and the wider public that wish to charge their vehicles.

Each rapid charger can charge a typical EV to 80% in 20 minutes to an hour, compared to 4-6 hours on a 7kW fast charger. The rapid technology allows more cars to be charged in a day and become free again more quickly for the next person - a key factor in ensuring a smooth and convenient charging experience.

Be.EV has projects across the UK and boasts impressive reliability (99.6% operational availability across the entire network).

The company is encouraging Rochdale locals to suggest further sites for potential charge points to bolster the city's network and meet increasing driver demand.

Asif Ghafoor, CEO at Be.EV explains:

"We are delighted to be able to bring these rapid EV chargers to the community of Rochdale and that our football club can contribute positively to the need for more charging infrastructure.

"Not everyone is able to charge their EV at home and Rochdale AFC has given something back to the area by hosting these chargers.

"EV charging hubs at stadiums and sporting grounds across the country are still few and far between -- this absolutely has to change.

"The more who follow the example of Crown Oil Arena, the more sustainable match day travel will become.

"We are always looking for more sites so if you know of somewhere suitable then please get in touch."

Tony Pockney said:

"Rochdale Football Club is proud to be an EFL Green Club member and we are always looking for projects to support our ever growing green credentials.

"Therefore, as Environmental Sustainability Lead Director for the club, I nominated the Crown Oil Arena as a site for charging points.

"As an EV driver myself, I know that there are few charging points in the Rochdale area.

"I have also been amazed at how few football grounds that I have travelled to currently offer this facility. I hope by having a charging facility at the football club it will encourage more fans, players, staff and local residents to own and use EVs.

"As a North West based club, I was delighted to partner with Be.EV, an organisation committed to rolling out charging infrastructure throughout the North West of England and beyond."

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