19 April 2023

Electric car drivers get new rapid charge Be.EV hub at The Forge shopping centre

Warrington Council has partnered with electric vehicle charging network Be.EV to install three new electric car chargers at The Forge Shopping Centre in Stockton Heath.

Switched on and now available for public use, the installation marks Be.EV's first project in Warrington and is part of a larger rollout by Warrington Council and Be.EV to boost the borough's rapid charging provision.

The project sees Warrington join the largest public EV charging network connecting communities across the North of England and boasts impressive reliability (99.6% operational availability across the entire network).

The new charging hub at The Forge is home to three rapid chargers which can charge a typical EV to 80% in 20 minutes to an hour, compared to 4-6 hours on a 7kW fast charger. This means a rapid charger can charge up a car while customers are shopping or having a meal nearby.

The rapid technology allows more shoppers' cars to be charged in a day and become free again more quickly for the next person - a key factor in ensuring a smooth and convenient charging experience.

Since launching Warrington's Climate Emergency Commission in 2019, Warrington Council has invested in an extensive network of 'fast' chargers to support EV uptake across the borough. The council is now expanding its network by installing more public rapid and ultra-rapid (the fastest charger technologies) to meet increasing on-the-go charging needs and driver demand.

Their partnership with Be.EV is a key driver of this strategy, bringing more public rapid charging opportunities to the area.

Be.EV undertook all up-front installation and operating costs for The Forge's new hub. With projects across the UK, the provider is seeking further sites in Warrington to bolster the area's network.

Asif Ghafoor, CEO at Be.EV explains:

"We're delighted to switch on our brand new charging hub at The Forge today.

"Progressive local authorities like Warrington Council are entering a new phase with their EV charging strategies.

"They've played a vital role in supporting early uptake of EVs in their communities. Now, it's about scaling local public charging provision to make EVs accessible to all, whether they can charge at home or not.

"Rapid and ultra-rapid chargers will play a key role in this next phase and technology has moved on significantly since the initial council charging networks were first installed.

"We're now supporting local authorities in building out charging infrastructure that offers fair and equal access to all. That means putting chargers where they are needed the most and, crucially, making sure they work."

Warrington Borough Council's Cabinet Member for transportation, highways and public realm, Cllr Hans Mundry, said:

"It's great news that our new electric car charging points are up-and-running at The Forge car park. It's the latest part of our work to help remove barriers to electric vehicle ownership and support more people in making the switch away from traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.

"We are putting the infrastructure in place to ensure Warrington is well prepared for the move to electric vehicles by 2030. An important part of that is making sure people are able to access fast, convenient charging all over the borough - including at our major car parks.

"I'm delighted that -- through our partnership with Be.EV -- we've been able to deliver these new charging points at The Forge, which - with its position in the heart of Stockton Heath - is an exceptionally well-used car park.

"I hope these new chargers will provide a welcome boost to electric vehicle owners, as well as those who are considering going electric."

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