29 August 2023

60 rapid taxi chargers for GM!

We are excited to announce the progressive launch of 60 rapid charging points across Greater Manchester!  Exclusively dedicated to EV private hire (PHV) and hackney vehicles licensed by one of the ten Greater Manchester Authorities, this initiative has been made possible through a £5.9 million grant from the Government.

To delve deeper into these developments, you can find comprehensive details here. As of today, the following hubs are officially operational:

  • Foundry Street Car Park - Bury Town Centre
  • Thurloe Street Car Park - Rusholme, Manchester
  • High Street Car Park - Rochdale Town Centre
  • Hankinson Way Car Park - Pendleton, Salford
  • Church Street Car Park - Swinton, Salford
  • Lomas Street Car Park - Edgeley, Stockport
  • Torkington Park Car Park - Hazel Grove, Stockport

The remaining rapid charging hubs will be live over the next few months... so keep your eyes peeled! 

For detailed insights into Be.EV taxi chargers, information about membership, and the benefits of preferential charging rates, please explore here.

Moreover, you can find all the taxi tariff information here.

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