21 September 2023

Be.EV joins Zapmap as a Live data partner 

We're pleased to announce that we have joined one of the UK's largest EV charging point apps - Zapmap as a Live data partner.

Zapmap users can now see live status updates across the entire Be.EV network on the Zapmap desktop and mobile apps, including to-the-minute availability of all Be.EV chargers. This includes our rapidly expanding network of ultra-rapid Be.EV Charging Hubs. 

Hear what Asif, our CEO, said about the partnership:

"Be.EV is delighted to be joining Zapmap as a Live data partner, helping increase our discoverability and ensure EV drivers have clear visibility of charger availability and easy access to our charging network.

"Zapmap has earned its place as the UK's leading EV charging app and for many, is the first port of call when looking for EV charger availability and for planning their route.

"We're pleased to be opening visibility of our network to the 650,000 EV drivers registered with Zapmap as the Be.EV network continues to expand across the country."

To find out more about Zapmap, click here.